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7 Reasons to start Blogging 2020

The benefits of blogging

This is one of my Springer Spaniels, Burj. He doesn’t really have his own blog but the point is that literally anyone can write a blog. The success of a blog depends on so many variables and requires consistency, tenacity and hard work BUT it’s fun and can be lucrative too. So here are my top 7 reasons why you should start a blog:

1 – Blogging can help you earn money

Let’s be honest this is what you’re most interested in, right? Financial success won’t come overnight however, if your blog has interesting, relevant and constantly updated content you’ll soon attract visitors and subscribers and when the numbers build so will the advertising revenue. I’ll be adding a post about exactly how to make money from blogging soon so keep watching this space…..

2 – Blogging helps you become a better writer

As students we’re taught how to write academically and practice most definitely makes perfect, so the more you blog the more confident you will become in the written form. Even if writing doesn’t come naturally to you or if you’re a procrastinator and find it hard to get started and can’t think what you should blog about then just take the leap and make a start. The best part about writing a blog is that there’s no word count to adhere to and the more often you do it, the more proficient a writer you will become.

3. Blogging is fun – if you love your subject

There is no doubt that if you choose to write a blog about something that doesn’t interest you, it’ll not be an enjoyable process and you most likely won’t continue with it. However, write about something you have a real passion for, regardless of the subject, there will be an audience out there for you and most importantly you’ll have fun and meet some like minded folk along the way. Research is an important part about blogging so pick a topic that you love and you won’t mind trawling for information to back up your blog’s findings.

4. Blogging helps you learn new skills

No matter your skill level when you start blogging there will be many things you’ll need, and want to learn along the way. Whether it’s Photoshop, photography, design or simply better grammar and spelling – you’ll pick up new skills in no time. Live feedback on your blog site and social media will help you identify what you’re doing right very quickly.

5. Blogging Helps people

You have knowledge that can help other people and it’s natural human nature to want to provide assistance. It makes us feel good to impart advice and if you help even one person in your blogging adventure then it will be incredibly worth while for them and for you. So, pick a topic you know about and start sharing those gems of insight. It will make you feel invincible when you start getting likes, comments and shares.

6. Blogging is your portfolio/CV

Starting a blog is a serious commitment and maintaining it with consistently high quality content is an even more meaningful undertaking. If you create a successful blog with longevity it will become a phenomenal portfolio to show future employers or clients. Depending on the content it could even replace the traditional CV regardless of what industry you are planning to work in. A blog shows creativity and perseverance as well as allowing you to demonstrate your digital and design skills which are highly sought after qualities.

7. Blogging really can make a difference

Whether your passion is politics, the environment or a love of fashion, what you say can really make a difference to your readers. As long as you have a knowledge about your subject and are comfortable sharing your opinions you can change the way people think and behave. Clearly there are varying degrees of change that we can make and we’re not all aiming to be Greta Thunberg necessarily but sometimes a few words really can make a big difference. If you believe in it – say it! If you support a cause or charity talk about it – you have the power to gain followers so use your influence wisely.

So, there are 7 positive reasons why starting a blog is a good idea. You’ve nothing to lose and lots to gain so start typing today!

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Published by Jen Grant

I am a first year undergraduate student studying Digital Marketing BA (Hons) at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. I live in Aberdeen with my husband, 2 sons and 3 dogs.

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