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Digital Marketing – Example Assignment Submission

One of the things I’d have found incredibly useful when I first started University would have been to see examples of previous student’s work. As my cohort is the first to commence a Digital Marketing BA (Hons)at Robert Gordon University, there are no illustrations of submissions for us to investigate. So, I thought it mayContinue reading “Digital Marketing – Example Assignment Submission”

11 Ways To Survive Group Work

Group work is a vital part of life and as such needs to be included in our educational journey. However, Let’s be completely honest, nobody likes group work assignments. Every semester we are allocated projects involving us working in teams and each announcement is met with a unanimous sigh. It cannot be avoided so weContinue reading “11 Ways To Survive Group Work”

5 Advantages of Being A Mature Student

According to UCAS, “Mature students are defined as any student aged 21 or over at the start of their studies. Just over a half are aged between 21 and 24, 38 per cent between 25 and 39, and 10 per cent are over 40 when they commence their courses”. So, clearly, I’m in the 10% bracket but, I’veContinue reading “5 Advantages of Being A Mature Student”

15 Ways to be a successful student – TODAY

When I returned to education I genuinely had no idea whether I could learn to learn again. I’d achieved good grades at school but that was a long time ago and I knew that university was going to be another level of academia altogether. So, rather than letting it daunt me or make me anxiousContinue reading “15 Ways to be a successful student – TODAY”

5 Reasons why exercising makes you a better student

Without any doubt in my mind, I know that exercise makes me a better student. Although, I am by no means an expert in sport and fitness, it is true that whether I go for a brisk walk or participate in a high impact gym class – working out improves how I learn for manyContinue reading “5 Reasons why exercising makes you a better student”

15 student discount tips you can’t afford to miss

Ok, so student discount may not be the very best thing about your higher education journey but what’s not to love about getting money off things you already need to buy anyway? There’s a huge array of discounts available to us from food to clothing, gym memberships to travel. I’ll be honest, I didn’t buyContinue reading “15 student discount tips you can’t afford to miss”

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How to write a winning personal statement for your University application

When I was writing the personal statement for my university application I had one thought in mind; my son’s school’s Moto – “Be the best you can be”. This phrase resonates with me in every part of my life. I always strive to compete with myself on a daily basis, not necessarily others, I constantlyContinue reading “How to write a winning personal statement for your University application”

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7 Reasons to start Blogging 2020

The benefits of blogging This is one of my Springer Spaniels, Burj. He doesn’t really have his own blog but the point is that literally anyone can write a blog. The success of a blog depends on so many variables and requires consistency, tenacity and hard work BUT it’s fun and can be lucrative too.Continue reading “7 Reasons to start Blogging 2020”

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