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Hello! I’m Jen, a ‘mature’ student of Digital Marketing BA (Hons) at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

I live with my wonderful husband, Chris – we’ve been together for 23 years, married for 11 of those. He still makes me laugh every single day and I love him with all my heart.

We have two amazing sons, aged 20 and 14 – yes, we had the boys before we married! They make me so incredibly proud and I apparently I talk about them all the time!

We also have 3 Springer Spaniels, Bu and her two sons, Burj and Quartz. Our fur-babies give us so much joy with their unconditional love and springiness!

I started this blog to provide positive and hopefully inspiring information for students of all ages, the reason being that there is very little advice available for people past school leaving age considering University or College. The articles are aimed at all students though, not just those of us with a few more miles on the clock.

When I started to explore the opportunity of further education at the age of 45 there wasn’t a ‘Voice’ of the mature student and, as such I felt I was entering the unknown somewhat.

You can read about how I came to apply for the Digital Marketing course here.

So, after completing my first semester and receiving my assignment results, which I was delighted with – I decided that I’d adopt the role of ‘The Voice of The Mature Student Tribe’ in a hope to encourage people like me to give education another go and help those already in the game to enjoy it and get the most from the experience.

I am absolutely delighted that I had the courage to take the step into further education and I am here for anyone else who is thinking about doing the same.

Since becoming a mature student I have found that our Tribe really do have an awful lot to offer our Universities, fellow students and lecturers. I’ve made so many new friends, people I would not have ordinarily met in my everyday life and feel utterly blessed for the opportunity.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and would love to hear from you, email me at And, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

Thanks for reading


The Voice of The Mature Student Tribe


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