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Mature Student Survival

Welcome to The Mature Student Survival Blog – where you’ll find friendly and informative advice for students of all ages.

This blog is not intended solely for those of us who have returned to education at a later stage in life but is useful for all students, as well as anybody interested in life, family, food and supporting each other.

It’s an all encompassing blog fest that will provide you with a variety of hints and tips, not just advice about studying but will also help you juggle everything that takes place in life while chasing those As!!

To find out why I’m on this journey into further education please read my welcome page.

The Digital Marketing degree course at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen is the only course of its kind in Scotland and as such the decision was not a difficult one, however it is very important that you look around, do your research online about courses and universities and attend as many open days as possible.

Surprisingly (for me), the photographs and graphics used in this blog have all been taken by myself – using my new found DSLR photography and photoshop skills – I couldn’t even use an automatic camera a few months ago, just my iPhone!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the information provided and encourage you to get in touch with me if you have any questions or ideas for future posts by emailing

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Digital Marketing – Example Assignment Submission

One of the things I’d have found incredibly useful when I first started University would have been to see examples of previous student’s work. As my cohort is the first to commence a Digital Marketing BA (Hons)at Robert Gordon University, there are no illustrations of submissions for us to investigate. So, I thought it may…

11 Ways To Survive Group Work

Group work is a vital part of life and as such needs to be included in our educational journey. However, Let’s be completely honest, nobody likes group work assignments. Every semester we are allocated projects involving us working in teams and each announcement is met with a unanimous sigh. It cannot be avoided so we…

SIMPLE Planning Tips For Students

The first step to becoming a successful planner is simply to want to plan. If you enjoy the planning process and understand why planning is important, you’ll find it to be a vital skill, helping you study, work and organise your entire life. Here are my tips on how to plan effectively:

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